Sunday, July 31, 2005

80's Arcade Photos Rescued from Dumpster

Remember arcades looking like this back in the 80's? Check out these photo slides recovered from the trash and posted up on Flickr

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What Happens When You Accidentally Buy A $245,000 Car On eBay

Guy claims his 2-year-old daughter hit the 'buy it now' button and is now being sued

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AOL LatAm Venture Got Lost In Translation

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Apparel Maker Tags RFID For Kids' Sleepwear

Lauren Scott of California will launch a line of kid's pajamas sewn with RFID tags. Readers placed in a house will be able to scan the tags within a 30-foot radius and trigger an alarm if boundaries are breached.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Windows Update Cracked Again; One File Deletion/Rename

Well I was playing around with WGA and I found a simple way to disable it (without an annoying prompt telling you to enable the plugin in IE or using the javascript everytime).

This is a repost. My title might have mislead or confused some folks.

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Final Fantasy XII Release Date Revealed

During the Square Enix press meeting today, the official Final Fantasy XII release date was revealed. The Japanese date is March 16, 2006 while a US date has not yet been announced.

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Apple recruiting Sony VAIO engineers to build the first Intel PowerBook?

Will the first Intel PowerBooks be designed by a team of ex-Sony engineers? Could be.

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