Saturday, August 04, 2007

Undercover NBC reporter at DefCon 15

This has to be one of the funniest stories I have seen in a while. We all know about NBC and their famed show To catch a predator. Well apparently they were trying to play catch the hacker. Apparently Michelle Madigan a journalist for NBC wast discovered at this years DefCon with a hidden pin hole camera and no press credential's. This is just stipulation but it appears that NBC may have been working a story about hiring hackers. Now all in the know are aware that the press is allowed at DefCon but they must register for press credential's. Also no camera's are allowed to just randomly video tape the conference or any of the conference goers with out the individuals permission.

So during the opening session the presenters did what they have the right to do. They said there was a new game this year at DefCon, it is called Spot The Undercover Reporter. He gave 2 options, one is to let here interview a 13 year old kid about hacking his PSP, or Escort her off the property. He pointed her out and they proceeded to escort her off the property. She was followed to her vehicle by a few individuals with camera's. It was a peaceful escort other than a few people asking if she had any comment's, yea she kept her mouth shut. It also appears that both Michelle Madigans Myspace, and Facebook profiles have been removed.

Let this be a warning to future undercover reporters at conventions like this or anywhere. You do not have the moral right to video tape anyone that does not know they are being video taped. With the sole intent of dragging them through the dirt.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Google Ad Phone?

It seems that Google is in the process of teaming up with wireless phone manufactures to make a Google phone. Is ad supported Cell Phone service going to work? Well myself if I could get free cell phone service by just having to hear a brief commercial or reading a text message ad I am all for it.
The problems I see is Google being able to convince the major carriers that they can make enough money to keep them happy. Or as we found out just last month Sprint and Google are teaming up to offer wifi service or something similar. Maybe the plan is to offer the official Google phone, ad supported wifi and cell phone service for free.

I am all for it, viva la Google phone.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just an update

Just wanted to give a little update. I have been on vacation and really have not had much time to blog. And really as far as tech news goes all that is out there for me is the Iphone and that thing is way over done. I will be back next week with some more great articles for your reading enjoyment. In the meantime check out these cool links I wanted to share with you.

First off my pownce page.
If you do not have a pownce account just drop me an email at
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Also if you don't already know check out

If you are bored check out
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Great source for free mp3's via google search

Have a great week and I hope you enjoy my site picks for the week.