Saturday, October 04, 2008

Playing Your Most Coveted Games On An LCD Flat Screen

Gamers around the world want the best television possible in order to play their games. Think about it for a bit. Most new gaming systems such as the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 cost well over three hundred dollars. Why would you pay that much money for a gaming system only to have to play it on a small television? Especially a small television that has a distorted picture and cloudy color. A LCD flat screen is the way to go when looking for a new television set on which to play your video games.

A huge flat screen television is a great way to enjoy the gaming experience. Most new LCD flat screen TVs offer a decided advantage when compared to older televisions. When plugging in DVD players, VCRs or gaming systems, you must have AV cords that come with the equipment. The AV cords plug into the AV inputs. Stereo televisions have three of these inputs that combine to allow the sound and picture signals to travel from the gaming device to the television. Some older models, specifically the non-stereo versions, may only have one set of ports.

New LCD flat screen TVs offer AV ports in the rear and on the sides of the screen. This allows for more electronic equipment to be run through the television. For gamers, this is absolutely essential. Game AV cables take up one set of AV ports and there are still ports available for surround sound, DVD players and another gaming system. Every gamer knows that one gaming system is never enough.

The size of the flat screen television used is entirely up to you. A larger screen does impress the friends. It is not going to impress your wallet. You are looking at paying over $4000 for a 52 inch flat screen television. Is it worth it? Should you go with the LCD flat screen over a standard big screen television? Without a doubt you should always go for the LCD over the big screen. Big screen televisions distort the picture and are not worth the price. A further disadvantage is that they take up a huge amount of floor space. If you can afford the LCD, then go for it. You will not regret the gaming experience it offers.

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Yorky_Paul said...

Hello Happy new year,
I found you on google and hope you can help me please.
My friend bought a sony handicam DCR-DVD110 at xmas,he has a problem that will not go away.
The screen keeps reporting a "memory stick might not be able to play or record properly" yet its the m2 pro duo as stated in the manual,8Gb,and on testing,it records good (or appears to do so) why and how can he get rid of the error message please.
The world relies on geeks,so thank you
Paul A Taylor