Sunday, June 06, 2010

My thoughts on DoubleTwist

I thought I would just give a brief word about my thoughts on Doubletwist. For those that do not know what Doubletwist is I will try to explain it the short and sweet way.

Essentially Doubletwist is a replacement for iTunes, you may be asking yourself why would anyone what to replace iTunes! The answer is simple, for those of that do not own an Ipod, or Iphone we needed a replacement. I am one of the millions of Android Phone users in the world, and in reality our lack of sync was well pretty much non-existent. Doubletwist fills this need, and makes syncing your music, photos, podcast, and videos to your Android device easy and seamless.

Upon install which you can get free here, Doubletwist will automatically scan your iTunes folder, you picture folder, and video folder. Once this is complete you simply attach your Android device via USB (make sure you choose mount SD card on your device) Doubletwist will automatically detect your device, simple huh? Once this is complete you simply choose the items you want to sync, and presto Doubletwist start's syncing your device.

It does not stop there, this program is not just a piece of software that sync's your wanted data. You have access to all of your favorite Podcast, just as in iTunes, you can also purchase music, and audio books right in Doubletwist using your Amazon account. Giving you the chance to purchase DRM free music from Amazon MP3 store, so you can play music on your PC, Android Device, or any MP3 player.

I was not sure if I wanted to use a sync program, since all my info pretty much sync's to the cloud. Through my obsession to podcast, and not really finding a podcast app that I really liked. I chose to give Doubletwist a shot, I am glad I did. It has made my whole syncing process much more streamlined. Since before adding MP3's was really kind of a pain.

Best of all Doubletwist is 100% free to download and install, check out Doubletwist today.