Saturday, September 08, 2012

A personal update, and Starting a new Pest Control Business

It has been way to long since I posted last, such is life. Things have been crazy in my life and house. Just a bit of an update. I have moved once, Daughter has graduated, and son will be graduating in 2013. Moved back to WV from florida, and now settled into new projects. I have essentially taken a permenant hiatus from Technology, oh I still tinker. I have been focused on my first hobby and true passion, herpetology. Now on to my day job. By trade I have been in the pest control industry since 1998, and now taking the biggest step, and on that has been a dream of mine for many years. I am going to be starting up Xterminators, a eco friendly green pest control service aimed at both residential and commercial customers. I am sending a shout out to my readers. I have am asking that you lend me a hand in this new chapter of my life.

 I have started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise my initial round of funding, In this industry it does not take millions of dollars in startup capital to be successful. Starting small and basically a one man show is very affordable. That said I still need help, and really do not want to go the loan route, where most of my revenue will be tied up in paying back loans. So visit the link below, contribute what you can. If you cannot contribute monitarily please share across your social networking platforms.

Thank you
enjoy the link below.

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